November 01, 2012

I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this topic before, but recently I just talked about this with my best friend.
It’s all about school, and the expectations we set for ourselves, the expectations we set for our friends, and in fact expectations in general. What I feel is that we should all have aims and goals in life, ultimately it’s all these goals in life that keep us going. People say we should set some expectations for ourselves, but I believe that expectations brings disappointment. Therefore I honestly don’t expect things, in all aspects of life.
You don’t expect much from your friends, so if your friends don’t treat you well, you won’t be affected that much. I’ve been through so much crap in friendship that I think it’s honestly the best not to have expectations for friendships, because when you need your friends and they’re not there, you’ll end up beating your soul down for holding so much expectations for these friends.
The way to stay happy and all is, don’t ever take to heart what people say about you. That’s the happy-go-lucky style. Honestly, that’s the one best way to maintain friendship, and to keep yourself happy.

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