Haircut in Taipei

August 09, 2013

A couple of days before leaving Taipei, boyfriend and I decided to get a haircut, which was actually planned for. Ever since army brought him to Taipei last year, and his friends had a haircut, he's been wanting to try their services out. Initially, we wanted to get a haircut at Ximending, the more youthful and trendy area I guess, however, after a day spent with some Taiwanese friends, introduced by Puiyin, we were told that Zhongshan area had more salons and were more "adult" class. The Ximending area was apparently more for the high school kids.

With their recommendation, we took a bus there after hanging around the Taipei 101, and walked around the area, looking for a shop within our budget and looked really good. We found one, in fact, many. Being super singaporeans, we judged shops based on their shopfront, also the amount of customers they had in their shop (more customers means they are better).

I guess Taiwanese look very much into customer service as well? There was this building we saw that seemed very artistic and rustic, we wanted to see how it looked on the inside, and bravely took a step in. They had a customer service desk, and the people at the desk were on walkie talkies and all, SUPER HIGH CLASS, obviously the hair dressing service there also very expensive.

We just settled for a place that was pretty busy and looked pretty as well. It was about $20 SGD per person for a junior/senior hairstylist (I forgot which), just wash, cut and styling. We were looking for somewhere we could spend a little more to get the director's cut, however, they told us directors needed bookings. Although it was a little tough explaining to the hair stylist the fringe cut I wanted, she eventually got it right! They only understand mandarin, that is what you need to know.

About a month before I left for Taiwan, I decided to get my fringe trim, from a side bangs to a full bangs, and fickle minded me, decided I loved the side bangs more, which I had to explain in mandarin to the hair stylist (challenge accepted!). All in all, I got my pretty side bangs back, and a trim to my 3 month long hair, took about an inch or so off.

Us with our satisfied hair cut! It was pretty fun because it was the first time in our relationship I ever had a hair cut in the same salon with my boyfriend. Normally, I either get my hair cut when I'm out alone, or he'll wait for me somewhere whilst I have a hair cut, because guys hair cut in salons in Singapore is just too overpriced for an army guy like him. He'd rather get a cheap hair cut at a barber, who understands ratios.

Here comes the most important thing, the shop name, it's called FIN (I finally found it on google map). It has this huge glass door, and the shop front's pretty modern rustic, brown architecture.

That pretty much sums up my hair cut experience in Taipei, I'd go back and do it anytime again. Had full trust in them snapping off my hair (always doubtful of salons in Singapore).

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    1. Thank you. Do check in as I update my blog.. Enjoy.. Cheers!

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