Browhaus Touch-up

March 23, 2013

Before brows touch-up

It was time for me to head to Browhaus for my brow resurrection touch-up, 3 months after the 1st session. Knowing it'd be a messy week, I have my fringe up! Yes, always remember to clip your fringe up when you go for a long session of anything to do with brows.

This session was booked with our therapist at Wheelock's Browhaus, Owen. He's the most senior therapist at that outlet, and I totally love him. He's really friendly and he gives you honest advice about anything to do with your brows. He doesn't sales talk you if he thinks you have no need for whatever service they provide, which is good because it wouldn't annoy you.

I really hate people who do hard sales, it just really annoys me, because they're only out to get my money.

So the touch-up requires no signing of papers or anything of that sort, so it's kind of a fast-forward and straight into trimming your brows and numbing cream time!

 Numbing cream time! (therefore the weird eyes, cling wrap)

The best thing about Owen, he really lets the numbing cream sit, so it really does numb your brows. When he does the embroidery, it doesn't hurt (not until he goes over it for like the 5th time), you can only feel the slight pulling action he does. The funniest thing is, being under the equipment doesn't seem like it hurts, but when you really watch him doing it to someone else, it looks like it hurts a whole lot. 

I watched my sister get hers done. It's always more fun going with someone else. 

I would recommend you getting your brows done by Owen because he's so detailed about brows, he makes sure the shape is right, and he goes over many times because he wants to ensure that your brows would last you a long time. That's how good and professional he is. And with the conversation we had with him, he teaches people about the advanced brow embroidery technique, therefore, my sister and I believe he's good. 

2 days after touch-up (bare-faced)

Day 2 after my touch-up, my brows are still insanely dark and obvious. I say I have the scary Cadbury commercial brows.

Just to prove my point. Compare.

Right now I'm 5 days into the touch-up and the scabs are starting to peel off, it's really itching, and I'm not suppose to scratch (takes a whole lot self-restraint). The colour has faded off quite a bit, so it just look dark brown or brownish now, which makes it look more natural.

In 2 more days, people would stop laughing at my brows!


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