Midori Traveler's Notebook Passport Sized Refill

September 01, 2013

A super backdated post about these Midori Traveler's notebook passport sized refills, did them about 2-3 months when my holidays just began and left this title and blog post sitting on my "posts" page for the longest time. Time to stop procrastinating and get down to telling you guys how I customised my own refills!

As you can see, I have about 4 variations of papers there, all which are pretty okay with pen inks, as long as you're not using those super runny inked pens. The papers used were mostly made of 70GSM papers, others, papers I bought from the store.

The double-sided grid paper was printed onto normal printing paper, using the grid template found from this blog, grid template. And this blog has every DIY you need to know about the Midori Traveler's Notebook. Templates, instructions on the sizes and everything else! The direct link to all the printable inserts, HERE! On the downside, most of the DIYs and the printable(s) are for the standard Midori Traveler Notebook. Doing one template the passport size might not be tough, however just needing much trial and error and, some time. 

Meanwhile, other places you can buy papers from! 

The white paper I bought: Muji
The papers I used as covers: Fancy Paper (Bras basah)

Best thing about a customised notebook, the number of pages you want, the more pages, the thicker your book, which is not necessary, just make tons of refills like I did, and you'll have enough to use for a year! My friend actually suggested to me that I should sell my handmade ones, cheaper then what the shop sells, but honestly, who would buy? Comment and tell me! 

I customised my notebooks by the different stickers pasted at the corner, telling me which are the lined, grid and plain notebooks, also, each set has a cover of different colours and textures! If anyone is interested in buying, please comment, and I might set up a DIY page selling these items at lower prices than the original Midori refills.

Meanwhile, if you're not willing to pay, and have time to do your own refills, check out my links to the DIY blog and make your own refills!

For information on how and where I bought my Midori Traveler's Notebook, check out my previous post HERE!

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  1. Hi hi! I am trying to get the right passport size and stumbled upon your blog. Are you selling? :)

    1. Hello!! I don't sell it, however, you can find out how I got mine HERE > http://shortyminimad.blogspot.sg/2013/06/midori-travelers-notebook-passport-size.html

      Regarding the refills, you can buy them at AnBC :)

  2. Hi~ are u still selling the refills? :D


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