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December 03, 2012

Dinner with best friend at Bukit Timah. I had Tom Yum Seafood Maggie, the best I've had so far. I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the shop, I only remember it's along a row of indian stalls, except this shop was really BIG.. Let me tell you what was awesome, the fact that the tom yum is spicy when you eat it, yet it doesn't leave the burning after-effects on your lips. 

It doesn't make you feel bloated after eating (because you start drinking loads of water is your food is spicy). And they are really generous with the number of prawns. 

Tom Yum Maggie: 10/10

I'm sorry I don't remember how much it is because it was way too long ago.

 Ice cream from udders once again!

Strawberry ice cream this time round because I wasn't adventurous and I really needed my comfort from ice cream. Being busy with assessment, and hardly managing time, I managed a slip from this busy period to have a short dinner & dessert with best friend (plus loads of catch-up).

What I love about udders strawberry ice cream is the tiny strawberry chunks they have in the ice cream. And that it's really sweet (some places have sour strawberry ice cream), then again, I have really low tolerance for sourness.

Mee soto for supper, a break from my back breaking drawing @ 1am, midweek. 

Haven't had mee soto ever since I left secondary school, which was couple of years back. This mee soto was from a coffee shop at boat quay area, only $3. Another good supper place!!! Apparently they have bak chor mer in that area too! 

Last but not least, my favourite red velvet cupcake from dessert cup. 

Taste: 10/10
Price: 5/10 (one for $6, which is expensive)

Finally, let me tell you the location! It's conveniently at raffles city mall, city hall MRT. Why I would say it's the best red velvet cupcake I've had is because I find that the cream cheese isn't too rich, which means it doesn't take away the chocolate taste. And it makes the whole feel go well together! 

Other red velvet I've tried were those from gastronomia and twelve cupcakes. I could SETTLE for twelve cupcakes, but NEVER gastronomia.

So if you're living in Singapore or have been here for holidays, and you have some really great supper places, leave a comment and share with me! Or share with me your favourite dessert places. 

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