Happily Ever After(s)

December 21, 2012

The bride for the day, Boyfriend's Sister! 

The day started out really early with the gate crashing games and the tea ceremony at the groom's place.  The gate crash games with pretty simple (for my standards), but it did take awhile to complete. 

It was the normal  酸,甜,苦,辣 (Sour, sweet, bitter and spicy), which is probably what would be faced in a marriage. For sour, we had them eat refrigerated lemon slices, which I think was pretty nice of us because it was refreshing! For sweet we actually tried to make "ice-cubes" of sugar with honey and maple syrup, which failed because it was too sticky that it didn't actually freeze, but they ended up eating it in a spoon. Bitter, the typical bitter gourd (small one) apparently that was more bitter, so they had to eat it raw and actually each of them ended up eating 3/4 of a small bitter gourd. And last but not least, the spicy. Grounded chilli padi with tabasco sauce and water, frozen into an ice-cube, which non of them finished, OBVIOUSLY

The next few games were the easy ones, dressing up like her favourite cartoon character (my melody), shouting "I love you" from the gate till she hears it (pretty easy because HDBs are small and echo-y, so easy to hear). And the last was kissing out "I <3 U" on a paper with pictures of them. Don't have pictures of the gate crash because it's all with the wedding photographer, all I have was those taken by the boyfriend. 

Photo taking session before leaving the house for tea ceremony at the groom's place! 

The handsome boyfriend and I, in my bridesmaid dress! 

After the short tea ceremony, we headed towards the church for the church wedding mass! Touching moments indeed, with the songs and the blessings. It all began with the bridesmaids walking down the aisle one by one, with me holding the ring pillow and taking the lead, and the rest of the girls, holding hand bouquets. Then the whole wedding procedure, and it ended off with the signing of papers and the march out, bride and groom and the bridesmaids and groomsmen, walking side by side.

And more photo-taking session!

The bridesmaid with the newly-wedded couple! 

The boyfriend and I sneaking in a couple of shots.

After the wedding mass, there was a reception, with awesome food. Then it was a short tea ceremony at the foyer for the bride's relatives. Then.. It was time to leave the church and start preparation for the dinner! By the way, sadly there wasn't bouquet tossing (secretly hoping I'd catch the bouquet), which reminded me, in future I'd plan time for the bouquet tossing, so important for the bridesmaids! 

And some more polaroids! (After the church wedding)

It was a day of rushing everywhere. Right after the church wedding ceremony, we rushed home to pick up our gowns and suits for the night banquet and left for MBS, Marina Bay Sands (just in case you're not Singaporean and don't know short forms). Let me start with the whole service and everything at MBS. My boyfriend drives (if you don't already know), and we wanted to drop his parents off at the hotel first, because they didn't have a car park at the hotel that was meant for guests, so we had to park at the car park opposite the hotel, at the convention hall. Whilst wanting to drop his parents off, we kept getting chased out of the drop-off point at the lobby of MBS, even though we clearly told them we're just dropping people off, and it'd only take a minute even though we had to unload stuff. And we weren't even blocking anyone because we stopped so far up in front right behind a car that just dropped people off too. I didn't get it why they kept trying to chase us away because there wasn't cars behind us and we weren't blocking anyone because they freaking had 4 lanes! 

All my angst for the concierge service there. 

So, after we dropped the boyfriend's parents off, we went to park the car at the convention hall, which had a queue because the car park was full (south wing). The wait was reasonable though because there were many cars coming out too. Then we began our *ahem* quite long walk to the hotel that was across the street, tower 1, but thank god, nearer when you cross by the traffic light at street level. The hotel rooms were only accessible with the hotel room cards, so if you don't have the card, stay at the lobby and wait for some one to rescue you. 

The MBS rooms left me gaga-ing over them. Visited the bridal suite first, which was so freaking huge and pretty, I almost DIED. The bathroom was so HUGE and dream-like. Huge mirrors, loads of counter space (for make-up), a nice bathtub, a separated shower room and toilet cubicle, the best shower head (there was waterfall like function), and a seat in the shower room. The difference between the bridal suite and the normal rooms were the living room and kitchen area plus the movie/karaoke room that's in the bridal suite. 

Ordered insanely expensive room service because the boyfriend hadn't has much food for the whole day, and me, being a monster was feeling hungry (even though I ate during the church reception). Let me share with you the price of some food, especially local food! Chicken rice, $25. I could buy like how much chicken with that money?!?!?! And laksa, $22, katong's super awesome laksa, only costs $5 for a BIG bowl! Then again, it's MBS, a place for tourists. So boyfriend and I both settled for western (probably the only things that are worth it). Didn't manage to take a picture for boyfriend's yummylicious beef burger because he started eating before I could get out of the shower. 

My meal was one with bacon, toasts and egg (done the way you like them), so I chose scrambled egg, done soft (however it wasn't soft). The food though, was yummy, however, might have gotten them cheaper at other places like "Hatched" or maybe "Food for Thought".

Beautiful table setting, romantic room service

Rushed through make up, and though the dinner reception was a whole bunch of mess, thank god that numbers were small and things could be settled fast. Didn't see boyfriend much that night because we were on different tables, and he was really busy entertaining guests, super sweet of him. But I thoroughly enjoyed the food at the dinner. The first dish, cold dish, had scallop (which I love) and the shark fin soup had proper shark fin that you could taste. And the last dish wasn't orh-nee (teochew yam paste), which I don't like, it was mango sago pomelo!

So if you're ever invited at a wedding at MBS, please give a bigger red packet! The food is really worth it and the table is really expensive, don't be so thick-skin and only give the couple like $50!

Photo-taking after the wedding dinner ended!

With the reception table flower deco! 

 My very handsome/cute boyfriend and I!

Yes! I totally adore my boyfriend donned in this particular suit and in bow tie *drools*. His whole outfit was gathered from shopping at different places. His black jacket and pants with red thread lining was bought from Bangkok, during our trip there early in the year. We found it at platinum mall. And his shirt, bow tie and shoes were bought in Taiwan! Shall put a clearer picture where the colours are more obvious.  His shirt has brown buttons and his bow tie is actually brown checked. 

 That ended the whole busy day for the wedding!

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