Bleeding Purple

December 17, 2012

Newly coloured hair! 

 Before hair colouring, prepping at my salon.

A little bit more about my salon, it's called Snip Avenue, which most of you probably know because they have really cheap hair cut services, and their hair dye services are also considerably cheap. I go to the outlet at Clementi, near the mall, and my hair stylist is called Winson. He has always been the one who dyed my hair, and always someone who would recommend me to go for a more bold colour. Sadly, I'd lose a good hair stylist because he's returning to his country after CNY 2013.

So the colour he chose for me this time was purple.

I wanted to go for a darker colour, maybe chocolate with a tinge of pink, but I guess it's not easy, so he just gave me a single colour full dye.

So seen in the pictures below, I started off with soaking my roots with the colour there's about 3-5 inch of my hair that's my original hair colour (dark brown), and the rest, grassy blondish brown. Yes, your hair turns grassy if you're like me and have no money to invest in my hair, and leave it to fade it's colour for a whole year. I digress.. So my roots were left to soak for quite a bit, because of the shade difference I guess. And off to full head colour!

Look at the shade of the purple dye in the below. You've probably figured it'd be a really bright shade. Thank goodness for not having bleached hair because I wouldn't be able to look at myself the same with a head of shade like that. I was honestly pretty afraid of the outcome because I couldn't risk it to screw my hair just a week before the boyfriend's sister's wedding. And after a whole lot of waiting, and washing, and a series of treatment (the simple kind), I had my awesome coloured hair that I now love!

Before and After Comparison.

I got back my bangs because my boyfriend told me I looked better in them, which I totally agree. Side fringe is a total NO NO because it just puts 10 years on me. Even though people mistaken me as a 12 year old, I still wouldn't give up my bangs to put on 10 years, would rather look young than old. Chopped off 3 inches of my almost waist length hair, and became boobies length. Goodbye all the unhealthy almost dying ends, hello slightly healthy and now purple ends! 

And now my hair looks purple-red under the sun! And even though my friend says it makes me look more chinese, I love the colour! I'm just hoping that it doesn't fade much.

Not to forget, thank you boyfriend for being the sweetest boy in the world and making this awesome hair colour come true by paying it for me. I'll make you proud by looking pretty on your sister's wedding day!  

To pretty hair forever! 

Share with me where you get your hair done, or where you dream to get your hair done! Maybe how much you're even willing to spend on having a great hair do. 

Would love to get hair sponsors and try crazy hair colours because spending that much money (which I don't have) on hair, kills me. Calling out to places who are willing to sponsor hair, sponsor me!!!!! Why am I so shameless?!?!?

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