Smelling Expensive

January 04, 2013

Things that my boyfriend bought back for me from Taiwan.

When given the choice between Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo, my boyfriend chose Signorina. He loved the sweet but light fragrance, and he thought this was something different as compared to Daisy which was similar to all my other perfumes. Thoughtful boyfriend indeed. 

Price: 7/10 (But TOTALLY worth it!)
Fragrance: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10 (Cute & Elegant)

I totally love this new addition of fragrance, and the fact it came with miniatures (which I totally adore, and want to collect)! Me and my love for pretty and small things. 

The thing about Signorina is the smell of elegance, yet something that is not overpowering. There are some perfumes that I overpowering and smells like "OL" (office lady) or some that smells like you've bathed in them, but this is different. And the plus point to it, the smell stays on for long hours, so you don't need to spray a lot or keep spraying on perfume every hour or so (the reason to why it's so expensive)


Sorry for being M.I.A for such a long time, the past 2 weeks have been busy because of Christmas, and well... Spending time with my sweetest boyfriend! Being responsible and sweet, I've scheduled a couple of posts for the next few days to clear my backlog from 2012. 

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