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December 11, 2012

Because, Santa Claus has come to town! 

This Christmas is the best christmas EVER because I've not only gotten a kindle from my boyfriend, but a MacBook Air from my parents (well, mostly my dad). Well, I honestly didn't feel too good about asking my dad to get me a new laptop during the Sitex show, because, for 1. I'm graduating next year already, I'm only left with one more semester to go. 2. Because my family's not exactly rich, and my school fees is already a burden. But, being parents, they always want the best for their kids, so they agreed to buy me an Air whilst they take my Macbook White hand-me-down.

And once again, I'm promoting credit card(s) 0% instalment! Every bank now allows 0% instalment plan, 12 months, 24 months, and some (I think) 36 months. So now you can get anything you want and pay instalment! 

Then again, don't get too many stuff and be unable to even pay for your instalments. Finance darlings, you have to be clear how much your total instalments are altogether. 

My specs for my MacBook Air. Being someone who's on the laptop 24/7, my dad bought me the most high end of the Air family. A 13" (I don't like small screens), 256GB flash storage, 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5. If you want to know the full specs, don't be lazy, go check the apple website! 

What I love about this MacBook is obviously it's weight. Being petite and extremely weak, carrying a heavy laptop means I can't carry anything else in my bag. And this Macbook Air just makes a whole lot of difference. I'm not much of a Photo Booth person, but I tested it out and the FaceTime HD camera has improved a whole lot. 

Just to prove my point, that's a picture from photo booth. 

My new keyboard protector.

I know this is damn gay, but because it's really cute as well, I got myself a hello kitty keyboard protector off gmarket a.k.a Qoo10. And here I am, shamelessly promoting the seller I got this awesome keyboard protector from. Upreneur was the seller!

Why I would suggest getting from this seller, because they provide good service.

When I first ordered, they sent me a good but thick keyboard protector, this didn't allow my MacBook Air to shut properly, therefore, I wrote the review stating my problem, and they commented, and eventually we came to a conclusion (through email) to make an exchange, so they sent me a new keyboard protector, and according to them, it's of a darker shade of pink, but honestly, I don't really bother. As long as the protector fit better and allows my laptop to shut well.

By the way, the thinner protector feels much better to type with. So I would suggest to maybe make a comment when you purchase from the seller, that you would like the thinner protector. That's if you have an Air and is getting this particular hello kitty keyboard protector.

Knock yourself out with this baby after you get it! 

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