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December 12, 2012

"There and Then"

Don't want to bore you guys with all the details about this series of work that I have created, but just a little information about these drawings that I have created for my submission. 

Just a little background information, I'm currently taking my BA(HONS) in Fine Arts, in LASALLE College of the Arts, currently my final year (HOORAY!!!!). Yes, that means final days of stressful critique sessions and submission deadlines. 

Talking about submission, this semester, I ended it with this series of drawings called "There and Then", it mainly talks about the old playgrounds that were built in the late 70s' early 80s', how they've been forgotten, and often the source of nostalgia. As seen in my drawings, I've only picked  out views through a "looking glass", and distorting the images by cutting them into shapes (triangles). These triangles actually talk about the whole idea of mosaic, and how memories that are shared within a community come together as a whole and form something that's of worth. 

Cliché as ever, I'm young and all I talk is about memories and more memories. Because, to me, I find this true to heart, and I find that it's something really personal, however, it's something that everyone feels and goes through. In another way, it's shared (conflicting isn't it?)

Not to forget, a good place I managed my resource from: 
It's an interesting read. Singaporeans who were born in the 70s', 80s' and 90s' would probably be able to relate to everything that has been mentioned in this article. And knowing that Singapore is a advancing country, the last of these playgrounds might be demolished in the near future. So, take some time off, bring your date/family and visit these places once again. Allow the wave of nostalgia to wash over you, before you no longer have this vessel of place that holds these memories of you.

If you're intrigued by this series of work that I've done, check out my website,! Just a sneak, I've done other installation works, the themes that I deal with mainly revolves around the idea of "Memories".

Feel free to tell me how you feel about my work (whether it honestly sucks, or maybe how you would like to see this evolve).

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