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December 10, 2012



Before and after I did brow resurrection. Before, I had almost zero brows, really untidy and unfilled brows, but I'm also someone who doesn't know how to draw brows, so when Browhaus had an offer for brow resurrection, I decided to go for it. 

Cost: $1200 (10/10) REALLY EXPENSIVE!

How much I did mine for, $600 (student price) so it's really worth it right? HALF PRICE. As a super kiasu singaporean, I just HAD to go sign up for this package. Then again, with credit cards, you can always opt for 0% instalment, this makes everything just more affordable.

The whole process:

So if you want to do it before any big event that you're attending, do it at LEAST 2 weeks before the big day. It roughly takes 1 week to heal, I'm on my 1st week healing mark. 

It takes about 1 hour to 1 and a half hour for the whole process to be done. In Browhaus, they use dyes that are not harmful to our skin, and it's also lasting (or so they say..), waiting to be proven, cause they say it'll last 2 years. They'd kindly explain the whole do(s) and don't(s) about this service, and if you ever forget what they say, you can always refer back to the Browhaus website, about BR aftercare. 

So.. If you've already spent $1200 (I assume adults and all working) on the whole service, then to ensure everything lasts, just spend more money buying the after care kit (the big one), it's $160 after gst. Why the importance of this after kit? So that your dye would stay under your skin, and scabbing would go it's normal pace. And why the big one? 

Because, 1 month after, within 3 months, you'll need to go back for touch-ups. A free one! It's included in the whole package that you've paid for. They'll access how much dye has been absorbed and whether it's dark enough, all in all, whatever you're not happy with for your 1st treatment, make it up during the touch up! 

I applaude Browhaus for their service, because their service is really good. Receptions are very welcoming (even though they messed up my sister's booking), but eventually everything worked out well. 

And that's me, 3 days after the brow resurrection. Sending my dearest sister off for her 2 weeks trip to Iceland. YES, SNOWLAND. And, she's even going to see the pretty northern lights! Damn jealous I am, one day I want to go to a country when it's snowing. Maybe try snowboarding or snow skiing. 

Not to forget, she said she sat a husky sledge!


Because growing up in this little red dot, that sounded like it only happened in movies. 

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