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December 15, 2012

Dinner with the family at Lao Beijing

Just going to share a bit about the taste of the food there. My family decided on the outlet at Tiong Bahru Plaza, it was pretty quiet and the atmosphere there was great. However, Dim Sum at a high class place like this, I honestly think it's not really worth it. 

 Xiao Long Bao 

The XLB had thicker skin than those that I've eaten at many other dim sum places. I have to say though, is that the soup is much tastier. However, I don't really fancy this XLB over those that are found in Crystal Jade or Din Tai Fung.

(A bao that I don't remember)

I liked the texture of this bao because it's skin was a little dry (after the frying) and the inside however, is still a little bit soft. I don't fancy the fillings though. I realised something about the fillings that a lot of the dim sum have, VEGETABLE. Something that I don't really fancy, and that I'm picky about.

Beijing-style "Shao Mai" 

A pretty interesting dim sum, which is quite similar to the normal shao mai that is found, except that this has that extra yellow thing on top, which I suspect might be toufu/egg (can't decide which). Amongst all the dim sum that we had, I have to say that I thought this dish was the best.

All in all, personally, I wouldn't go back to Lao Beijing to have dim sum. Cause for one, the price paid for the dim sum I feel, was not worth it. I'd still go for Din Tai Fung and Crystal Jade over this place, ANY TIME. There's always dim sum at Geylang which I think isn't too bad, and MAYBE Swee Choon which I would like to try, and Victor's Kitchen (near school, and sells the best liu sha bao).

So where's your favourite dim sum place, and what are your favourite dim sum(s)? Share with me (so I don't sound stupid or as though I'm talking to myself)!!!!!

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