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January 17, 2013

Days out with my best friend Han, after hair cut, and after interview (different days).

Only because it was the prettiest changing room
Lingerie shopping because there was sales!

Some of the items are going off at 4 for $80, which is considered cheap, others are going off at 2nd piece 50% discount if I'm not mistaken. The lingeries sold at la senza are super feminine, which means loads of bling bling and lace. Head on down to get  yourself some new lingerie and stock up for the year!
Movie date with Han

Nothing beats a girl movie date with your best friend after a short interview for a part-time job. Yes, I have no idea why, but I was THAT willing to give up my weekend just for a couple of bucks (the sad life of a poor student).

My best friend for 4 years and counting, known her ever since foundation year in college, and stuck through the school years with her. Motivating each other, annoying each other, listening to each other, ranting at each other and talking to each other (all the time). Without a friend like her, there is a high possibility I might not have come so far.

Everyone has a friend like that. Treasure them, you'd NEVER want to lose a friend like them.


Just to inject something really hilarious, watched "Gangster Squad" the other day with my boyfriend and his friends, and they said something which made me look at the movie differently. Being guys, they said, "Eh! The movie like GTA!!!!" And after considering it for a bit, it did seem like the ps3 game boyfriend is currently playing, "Sleeping Dog".

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