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January 19, 2013

Just an awesome picture with my best friends

Met up for post-christmas/new year/farewell lunch with my best friends the other day. One of the best days began with cursing and swearing at the weather, and making fun of each other until we meet. Our conversations were so hilarious and really bimbotic in fact.

We picked Modesto (so kindly linked their website) at Orchard (Orchard Parade Hotel) for lunch because we wanted some italian cuisine. And according to my best friends, ah lian act high class, act one super ang moh (westerner) and order italian with a very chinese accent. Then again, we've all grown up and been through that ah lian stage, and I love italian and western cuisine. 

Parma Ham with Rock Melon

The original name of the dish is "PROSCIUTTO CRUDO CON MELONE". So tell me Singaporeans, how would you sound like when you try to pronounce this dish. Probably sound like a fool? So we always end up ordering by what we know of that's in the dish.

Price: $21 
Taste: 6/10

It is pretty expensive, but then again, anything parma ham IS expensive. It's the best ham I've ever tasted, and it always brings me up into heaven. I only rate it 6/10 because I've had better parma ham with rock melon, and it's at one place I'd introduce to you in another post. The rock melon at Modesto differs with the season or something. Sometimes the rock melon they serve is really sweet, sometimes it's just normal. Nevertheless, it's my favourite italian appetiser, one I can NEVER miss whilst having an italian meal.

Hello Kitty Pan | Fresh from Sephora

Exchanged presents at Modesto, and had a great laugh about one of the presents received. Yes, that hello kitty frying pan. I have no idea why my best friend would give me such a bimbo and exotic present, but the thought still counts. At least I've got presents this year! Yes, aside from the one my boyfriend gave me. 

Do not judge us, but for the fun of it, we 3 bought matching bracelets. To infinity friendship, 9 years of friendship and counting. We might have drifting apart quite a bit after going into different school, but when we come together, we're still old friends. That's what I love about them, some things just never changes, and this familiarity is what brings comfort in a fast-paced society like Singapore. 
Froyo @ Swirl Art (River Valley)
Topshop Petite Shorts $79 | Topshop Petite NERD Shirt $36

Wasn't suppose to do any shopping for the next few months, but I got tempted and ending up with a damage of over a $100 from 2 Topshop items. The best thing was that, it's all petite and in UK4, which is a really difficult find in Topshop, it always gets sold out too quickly.

Also, it's only my 2nd purchase from Topshop, because I've always found Topshop over priced, however, insanely fitting petite clothing. And I've therefore decided, I've got myself a nice casual Chinese New Year outfit!

Photo credit: Amelia

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