January 15, 2013

Yes, a picture of boyfriend and I for starters. Just because we had to wait quite a while after ordering for our food to arrive! 

Let me introduce to you the place, Arbite at Serangoon Gardens. I first knew of it when we went there to celebrate my best friend's birthday in August. They served nice all day breakfast, which I totally adore. 
Mushroom Soup

Absolutely delicious bowl of soup. Thick, not too creamy and there were bits of mushroom to chew on! If you're a small eater, I would suggest sharing this bowl of mushroom soup because it can be real filling. 

Bacon Strips

We were watching epic meal time before dinner, so I just had the urge to order some bacon strips. They look and taste as delicious as they could get. Really crispy and salty, the fats are not even gooey and disgusting. I'm not sure if you consider this expensive but, $4 for a plate of bacon strips...

Smoked Salmon Smorgasbord

As usual, I couldn't finish my awesome smoked salmon sandwich, and only managed half. Restaurants and cafes should totally offer adult food in kiddy portion. For people like me! Why is it that kids only get the common food like spaghetti with meatballs and beef burger?!?!? I digress. Anyway, the smoked salmon was good, comparative to hatched (though I kind of love hatched more because of the variety they offer) also, Arbite is one of the better all day breakfast places in the East/North side of Singapore. 

The salad wasn't fantastic, as long as they don't serve soggy vegetables. 

Pappardelle with Mushrooms and Parma Ham

My boyfriend's choice of pasta. Only because I love parma ham and he wanted me to have his parma ham. Yes, because my boyfriend's an angel like that. The pasta might have been better with the customer's choice of pasta they wanted. This particular dish came with Lagane (I think) pasta, it was really thick like mee hoon kway. Then again, the sauce was great! Creamy and heavy, something that boyfriend likes, and salty because of the parma ham. It's a good combination.

Food: 8/10
Price: 7/10 

If you're going there, I would suggest that you call them and do a booking, especially if you're going on a weekend for dinner. You don't want to go down there and wait for over an hour just for dinner. And if you drive, go to Serangoon gardens early, CHEAP parking there is a pain in the ass, only because they've got so little lots, too many cars.

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