Naughty Bear meets Harry Potter

January 07, 2013

Purple/Red Hair (at it's best)

So this was Christmas week 2012. Before and after the whole christmas period. During christmas week, the Megatex (yes, I googled), was going on at the Expo. Boyfriend and I went down to take a look, because he wanted to get a new tv (which ended up in his hall). Eventually he still got his life-long dream of putting a tv in his room. So we spent that weekend at the megatex getting the new television and buying air fryers for both our dear mothers (the boyfriend is THAT filial).

So after getting the new television, we spent time fixing up the new wall mount, which he had to buy from courts separately. And we connected the PS3 to the television in his room, and... WE WENT OUT TO BUY NEW GAMES! Yes, buying new games is such an exciting thing. 

So being a girl and such a bimbo, I had to find easy games to play. I didn't know how to play the exciting games that boyfriend played, like black ops and sniper (the new games he bought), because I have bad coordination and the last I tried to play, I kept dying 5 minutes into entering the game. Which I eventually gave up after dying like more than 5 times in about 15-20 minutes. So this time I picked out games I thought was interesting or something that I would like. 

Naughty Bear & Harry Potter Lego

Because I'm such a Harry Potter fan. But because I didn't know how the game would turn out to be, I only bought the years 1-4. Maybe when boyfriend buys his next new game I would get the year 5-7, because it is pretty fun. The H.P Lego game is pretty story based, and basically you go around performing spells to collect tokens and you figure out places to go. I just started on year one and I'm on the early stages so, so far there's nothing THAT interesting. Also, at each part of the stage of the game, you have to think how to break certain spells or something to get to the next part.

It's the most fabulous bimbo game, and something that H.P fans would love.

Naughty bear pretty much self-explanatory. You go around the village killing bears and smashing things. And they have many many levels and different tasks to do. It's super easy to play, and actually really fun for stress releasing.

That's pretty all I can say about these games. So in future when I get new games I'll introduce some to you guys! I'm talking about girl games or people whom have really bad psychomotor skills. Or YOU can introduce me to some bimbo PS3 games if  you know any!

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