Turkish Kebab

January 09, 2013

Happy people trying Turkish kebab for the very first time! 

Boyfriend and I were in the area of Arab Street to meet his friends for drinks, so we walked around a little and decided to settle for Turkish kebab, only because we've both never tried it before. So we sat down and ordered a platter of kebabs, assorted. Consisted of chicken, beef, pork and lamb. 

The whole atmosphere of the cafe was very authentic (it's the only alongside other turkish restaurants, not the one at the corner of the street). It's a very small yet cosy place to have a nice dinner. "SUFI's corner turkish cafe" is the name of the place. 

Table settings

 Kebab Platter! 

I have to say what makes the whole kebab really yummy, is actually the sauce that they used. And the most awesome meat on the platter was the lamb. They only had one stick of that, and my sweetest boyfriend gave me ALL the lamb meat, and all he ate was the fats. And I was the one who said I didn't want to eat the lamb at first, but it was so delicious, plus I didn't know they only had one of that until I finished eating half the platter and was looking for the other stick. 

The rice was very... Indian cuisine like, which my boyfriend and I didn't know how to appreciate. So we ended up on meat fest and cleared the kebab platter, but not the rice. I would recommend this place to you guys because kebab is so delicious! 

Food: 9/10 (because there was only 1 lamb kebab)
Price: 7/10 ($28 for a platter, which 2 could share)

So it seems that sometimes it's good going to places where you don't go to often, and find new and yummy food to try. I wonder how kebab at the our cafes taste like...

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