Art Stage 2013

February 07, 2013

A mandatory picture of bestfriend and I.

This year, I finally managed to make time to head up to Art Stage 2013 to appreciate art. I loved the 1st Art Stage that I went to in 2011, and I heard that last year's wasn't THAT fantastic, so I went to see how it was this year. I have to say, some of the works were great! And others... could be improved. 

I think these works were great! They were something so cute and at the same time so artistic. (lol. shallow self here) Mylyn Nguyen talks about the whole idea of growing up, yet at the same time wanting childhood, imaginary friends, and in fact the whole idea of simplicity.

This work is titled "Face" by Korean artist, Han Young-Wook (oil on aluminium, scratch). I think it's such an amazing work of art because of the artists' attention to detail. He gives this work a whole new life, and, a story behind every freckle, every wrinkle and every portrait.

"We the people are suffering from mortality and lonesome fate, but we are expressing the beauty of life.” - Han Young-Wook

Last but not least, my most loved work from the art stage. Titled "Memories of China No. 28", oil painting done by artist Zhu Yiyong. This piece of work totally touched my heart and left my eyes lingering around, wanting to wrap myself in it and absorb everything I could. Talking about children and childhood memories, and how they are altered by the phenomenal change in societal value, he tries to remind us of the past, linking them to today to build the future.

Because I am so kind and awesome (thick-skinned self praise), I linked information about the artists' works and the artist themselves to this blog post! I hope those of you who went to the Art Stage Singapore 2013 enjoyed it as much as I did!

You can comment and share with me which artwork captivated you!

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