Mouth Intruder ALERT!

February 09, 2013

Before putting on my braces, and after putting on my braces. Everything seems pretty much the same, except the fact that putting on braces makes my teeth feel sore all the time, making me resort to eating porridge for a whole week. I'm finally past one week of having it on, and I'm on to burgers already!!!!

One does not simply...

Live without fast food.

My close friends or friends around me all ask me the same question, "Your teeth looks ok, why you still put braces?" So here's the answer for that. Yes, my front teeth might look perfectly fine, but it's practically ALL my molars that aren't! I have seriously bad biting problem because my molar grind against each other, top and bottom row, so I got braces to fix that problem. Asides from the fact that I also wanted to fix my ONE crooked front teeth badly.

Sometimes it's not really for cosmetic purposes, but if your biting problem annoys you to infinite annoyance, and affects you, that's one reason for you to get braces. But here's one warning, the first few days you get braces, it is super uncomfortable. Mouth invasion, and ulcers (depends on oneself), different people might face different problems because of the direction your teeth is facing, the amount of space in your mouth, the size of your teeth, how far away your teeth is from your cheek, and many other factors.

Also, not to forget, you have to be hardworking and put retainers on FOR LIFE to maintain those pretty and straight teeth. So if you're not hardworking enough to do that, do not waste your money or your parents money to get braces. Because it's not going to be worth doing all those, and going through all the pain and soreness and only see your nice teeth for a year.

On a random note, I totally love my dentist (Dr. Xander Chua) because he's so young, cheerful and... NICE. He's super funny about things, and tries to be as gentle as he can with your teeth. Everyone (in fact, most) of us has some fear for dentist because of all the cleaning tools they use and all, and those rough dentist who injected fear into us whilst plucking our teeth when we were young.

If you find a good dentist, stick to him/her.

I'm not sure where my dentist's private clinic is, but when I know, I'll share and update! Right now, I'm having my appointments at Alexandra Hospital on Tuesdays! That's the only time when my dentist comes in.

And if you're curious about the package price of braces, it's about $4,200, and it's roughly the same price everywhere. Just find a place that you're comfortable with going to every once a month, and a dentist whom you trust your teeth with.

To nice teeth in 2 years time! CHEERS

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