See you soon, Best.

January 30, 2013

Just the other day my bestest best friend left Singapore for Australia for further studies. It might be just a year of studies, but it was one emotional goodbye. We've never gone without seeing each other 3-4 months, longest. So it is going to be tough being unable to meet up. But we'll all survive. 1 year is going to pass real fast when we're all studying. 

Took quite a few photos, "mark attendance", and something to remind her how lucky she is to have such awesome best friends (so thick skin). TEEHEE!

We all wrote emotional goodbye letters for each other, and I made a video, thinking it was something new and fun to do. But I honestly felt really retarded when I watched the video all over again. Couldn't stand watching myself through the screen, cringed at every word I heard myself speak. That's how much I can't stand my own voice. But it WAS fun! 

We might not have shown each other the love a best friend might show, but deep down, we know the love for each other is stronger than anything. That's what kept us going. 

Till we meet again, skype/facetime would be our portal. 

Pictures from the farewell at the Airport:

 With all the girls
Present to Ame, from Ting, Boyf and I

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