Nikon 1 J2

February 14, 2013

This is the first time I'm doing a nuffnang blogpost, but it's one of the most exciting things to blog about!


Because it's about a camera! The new Nikon 1 J2. Are you as excited as I am? Think the CNY good luck is rubbing off you? The deadline to submit your blogpost on the nuffnang website is 17th February 2013, 2359. So if you're keen on winning yourself a J2, and you have a blog, write up a blogpost and submit! You never know, you might be one of those lucky ones. So here's how this goes..

The new Nikon 1 J2 comes in 6 colours. For this competition, all you have to do is to choose your favourite colour amongst these 6, take a picture of yourself in an outfit that matches the colour that you have selected, blog about how everyone can look good and fashionable with the Nikon 1 J2 (this gives you more info about the J2, and you have to link it into your blogpost) and submit it into the nuffnang website!

Before I start on my blogpost about my outfit, I just want to share with you my knowledge about this camera. Or in fact, what people look out for in cameras. No doubt girls who like to take self shots like to look out for smoothing effects in camera and all. But I think that what is really important in cameras are modes like low-light, that gives you great picture quality even during the night. And no doubt, youngsters like you and I love hanging out in the night, therefore always having to end up with nonsense quality pictures because our cameras purely suck. The J2, night landscape mode gives you great pictures with aperture f/2.8, capturing the slightest movement in the fastest speed allowing your photographs to be clear.

So the top few great things about the J2 is obviously the fact that it's a light-weighted digital camera with interchangeable lens. And often, the pancake lens are what gives you the greatest portrait photographs. In my boyfriend's words, "This lens makes you look a 100x prettier!" and if you say that to your girlfriend, never forget to add, "But you're already 100% pretty, so it makes you 200% pretty!" Yes, never forget to save your own ass whilst praising the uses of a great camera. Just the same like never saying how awesome the pixels of the camera is, and pointing out that your girlfriend's pimples can be seen so clearly. GUYS, SHOOT YOURSELF IN YOUR BALLS if you ever say that.

My choosen outfit and colour for a camera.

Just because I have to be a darn Singaporean and put up THAT many photographs, though they only said the requirement was one. 

So if you can't already tell, I'm choosing the black colour camera which matches little black dresses. Only because black is the most classic colour and matches everything that you wear. Plus, never forget that black colour cameras look the most "old school" and are cool that way. And nothing goes wrong with the colour black. Every girl has to have a little black dress, like how we'd all need a little black awesome camera that allows us to take great photographs of our little black dresses. WORD PLAY! 

Everyone would be able to rock out a classic black camera no doubt, plus it's the most professional looking camera, like one of those DSLRs. Wannabe.

So as much as I want the black Nikon 1 J2, you might be someone who adores pink and wears pink all day long, so show me and nuffnang that pink outfit of yours and you might win a J2!

A new camera, every girl's dream come true.

One can never own too many cameras. 
One can never have enough of timeless memories.
One can never have enough of classic black dresses and cameras. 

P.S: If you ever do get a new camera, don't ever drop it, or don't let other people drop it, cause it'll never be the same after coming back from service centres. 

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