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May 02, 2013

Finally done with assessment, so I can faithfully update my blog! So here are some little things that I've bought or ate or done over the past month in fact.

I'm not sure if many of you know this, but recently Singapore has been having more and more online deal websites, and many of them actually offer really great deals! Today, I just want to share with you guys about Singsale!

Singsale is actually a place where you can find many branded goods at great discounts. There some disadvantages to discounted things though, for example, they only come in certain sizes (for clothes) and if you're petite, you can actually forget about clothes shopping on singsale. However, they have many other good deals like bags and accessories and shoes (also sometimes pretty tough to get the exact size you're looking for).

I've been looking around a lot for relatively cheaper pair of havaianas, and a size 33/34, to replace my worn out and oversized pair of havaianas, cause I'm not earning money, and slippers like there are actually pretty unnecessary. I found the awesome deal on Singsale, black TOP havaianas with gold metal logo ($27), and the other, a slim cut kokeshi printed ($24), and a one-time delivery fee of $8, which merely totalled as $59. Tell me it's the best deal you can ever find.

If you're doubting me about the price for the slippers, I went to check, and they're selling havaianas TOP for $32.90, if my memory didn't fail me, Singsale only sold theirs for $28.

Now, the downside of ordering from Singsale, the super long waiting period. After their sales close, you'll receive your items within 14-28 days, prepare yourself for the worst, and tell yourself you'll only receive your items in 28 days. I waited for these pair of havaianas for 28 days indeed.

When my havaianas came, they were 2 different boxes, not exactly very well maintained boxes, but I didn't mind because they were just slippers, and there were no defects on them. But, the slippers were REALLY dusty. I think they were probably sitting in he warehouse forgotten or something. But just give them a wash, and everything is great!

You might think that $8 for delivery fee is kind of pricey (well, I do think so), however, within one hour of ordering, from a certain sale, you can order from another sale and get free shipping! So if you happen to meet 2 brands on sale at the same time, order within an hour from both brands and ONLY pay $8. I think it's pretty worth it.

Want to enjoy such great discounts? Click HERE to sign up for singsale notification and start saving your money (especially if you're a broke ass art student like me)!

Like all other websites, invite your friends and you get discounts!

The more the merrier!

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