Birthday Brunch with Family

May 04, 2013

My 21st birthday, boyfriend's and oldest sister birthday brunch with the family! My sister bought us groupon deal to have brunch at outback steakhouse, Millenia Walk, in celebration of our birthdays! All the April babies in the family. The food there was... Just pretty alright. Maybe it's because of the deal, because I always think that everywhere in Singapore shortchanges you whenever you try to get something cheaper out of them (normally true). Prove to me it's not true. Like how sometimes people buy deals to go for some expensive place to get a haircut, then they would eventually complain that the service isn't good and so on. It's only because you aren't paying the full price.

I think Singapore runs on "you get what you pay for" mindset. Don't have high expectations if you want to be cheap-skate here in Singapore. In fact, I think it applies to everywhere! Whether it's a holiday and you're searching for cheap lodgings, don't expect them to be like 5 star hotels, or a place that serves cheap food. It's definitely a plus factor if these cheap places have great service or food, but if they don't, don't trash them so badly.

I digress.

So I was saying, the food there wasn't so bad. But then my family got a table right next to the side door. Which was really weird because if people came in from that door, their handbags would hit your head, or they would hit you or kick your chair. When you go to places like these, notice where their side doors are, and never land yourself a table there. Not forgetting, my sister actually already made a reservation there for the brunch, but our table wasn't even reserved.

Photo credit: Nigel Ng

My favourite sister in the world. The most giving and loving one as well. Although everyone in my family has the most different characters, somehow we've survived living together. We fought a lot when we were younger, but we grow up loving each other more and more.

Sweater-Topshop | Pants-Theory of Seven (Online) 

Photo Credit: Kellina Chin

Despite the blurriness, I love this photo because it goes to show how my boyfriend makes me feel. Happy all the time, and comfortable with whatever I do.

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