The LASALLE Show 2013

May 25, 2013

Been really busy recently, job hunting, working part-time and returning back to school here and there to set-up my work for, The LASALLE Show 2013, and the opening night went well! Went around with friends and family, took a lot of photos as seen below. 

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATING BATCH OF 2013!!!!!!! We have all made it through the art school hell!!!! And, thank you to the set-up team who made it all happen. 

I proudly present to you my graphite drawings. Also known as, Ricochet (left) and Tinge, Dash, Drop (right). Friends and family have been asking me what my works meant, and it was really tough to explain, so for all who wants to know the concept of my works, here it goes! 

ECHO (The title of my series of works)

Playing with nostalgic elements such as playgrounds in Singapore, and the contrast of a child and an adult, an adult attempting to put themselves into a child’s perspective. With the memories we have for playgrounds, we explore the details of the mosaics that in present time children have overlooked these intricate designs.

The departure point for this project would be to expand on the perspective of looking at the playground, more to the idea of collectiveness and mosaic, a response of the whole idea, the audience personal view and reaction towards nostalgia. It however, has moved on towards the fusion of memories and reality.

As we grow up, our environment and the buildings that we live in becomes our playground. The things we do as adults become our play objects. We see math as playing with numbers, we see art as playing with colours.

Through “echo”, our childhood memories unify with our present lives to make us who we are, creating new memories for us, and letting us view the world in a different perspective. That consists of joy, happiness and fun that seem to be lost in the many lives of growing up, due to high standards of living.

It is about how we hold on to the parts of our past as we face our future; how we want them to be part of our future, but only remember them when time permits us to do during our busy schedules.

“It is strange how we hold on to the pieces of the past while we wait for our futures.”
― Ally Condie, Matched

The LASALLE Show 2013 

When: 24 May 2013 (Friday) till 6 June 2013
Time: 11am - 8pm daily

If you've missed the opening night but would still love to check out the works, head down to LASALLE and you could pop into any of the exhibition galleries to check out the works! 

Photos of the night! 

To my loving family who has put through all my mad rage during assessment period for the last 4 years, supporting my every decision, and supporting me in my work (even when they don't understand what I'm doing). To my parents for putting me through art school, no matter it's cost, yet never once rejecting my request to buy any materials needed, and my sister for helping me set-up my works, buying materials home for me during my most crucial times. Lastly, making it down no matter what, whether it was last year or this year, coming down to see my works touched me a whole lot. 

 To my bestfriend, WE MADE IT THROUGH!!!!! We're so totally done with school. I couldn't have made it through without her, my source of motivation and happiness in school. Words can't express my love for her because of the shit that we've been through. 4 years of art school has brought us closer to each other is every single way it could, and for that, I'm grateful.   

My best-CHIN-friend, without her year 3 and final year would've been very boring. Thank you for always trying to motivate me and making fun of me, SHORTY FOR LIFE!!!!! Yes, you may continue resting your chin on my head and calling me Frodo. 

My good friends from Legion also came down to support, and I'm so grateful to them because, I've left Legion for quite awhile already, and I'm glad that they are the ones who kept in contact with me, excited knowing about my graduation show and didn't hesitate coming. Thank you my dear friends. It's been great growing up with you two, and knowing that you darlings are sticking around in my life.

My best girlfriend who has never missed an important milestone in my life before, thank you for rushing down after work just to take a quick look at my work and taking some pictures with me. It truly touches me that no matter what you've always made it there for my milestones. And she was the sweetest girl who took a picture of my work (which I didn't even take), complimenting my work even though she didn't understand it a single bit. 

Our awesome buddy who rushed down right after he booked out to support the show. For the past 4 years, same pose, EVERY SINGLE TIME. Sandwiched in between us ladies. Thank you for being there for us whenever we needed you! Especially when bitching about school stuff and all, and never forgetting your sense of humour. 

And the rest of the photos: 
People who played a part in making life at LASALLE a more bearable place, giving me random words of encouragement whenever they walk past. I'll miss those words of encouragement, because I guess it just isn't the same everywhere else. 

Lastly, to my boyfriend, for the support that he has given me for the past 2 and a half years. Helping me set-up my works for assessments, making sure that I'm as happy as I can be during the most stressful weeks before assessments. Encouraging me through the toughest last year of college, times when I had doubts about myself and my works, times when I was on the verge of giving up drawing altogether. Although he probably never had a clue what I was EVER doing, his support never once wavered, and all I needed was that one vote of confidence in me. Thank you. Even though he wasn't able to attend my graduation show, every single time I sent him a picture that I took, he complimented me. Noticing that new dress and shoes, the way I did my hair and make-up, it all made up for not being able to be here. Thank you for never failing to make me feel special.

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