Midori Traveler's Notebook Passport Size

June 05, 2013

Pardon me for my lack of updates. Holidays has taken over me, watching all the korean drama I could, working some other days, and churning out my holiday itinerary. Leaving the house so little nowadays, I hardly have anything to update about (what a boring life).

I have something exciting for you today though!

I've always wanted to get myself a leather notebook, ALWAYS. Ever since I started my collection of stationaries. And recently, I saw a friend of mine post a picture of her Midori Traveler's notebook and I told myself I had to get my hands on one.

A little more about the Midori Traveler's notebook, the leather covers are made in thailand, finished with a natural dyeing method, to make the most of its leather's natural texture. The longer you use it, the nicer it would get because of the "age" given to your leather covered notebook. What's the best thing about this notebook is, going crazy with the customisation. You could literally knock yourself out with putting all the fancy knick knacks on your midori.

Read more about the Midori Traveler's notebook HERE.

The Midori Traveler's notebook come in two sizes, the regular one and the passport size.

So I got myself the Traveler's Notebook in passport size, reason being, I love things that are small, especially when it comes to notebooks and diaries. They have to be small enough to fit into whatever bag I have, and yes, it DOES fit into ALL the bags I own. 

The day I decided I wanted to get myself one, I went to NBC (level 4) at Takashimaya to check it out. I had to see it and feel it before spending my money on something even I felt was expensive. So.. I didn't get it from NBC because I felt it was kind of expensive, and they didn't have it in the colour I wanted, also I had confidence in finding a cheaper price online, SOMEWHERE, no matter how slight the price difference was (because I just wanted to prove I could do it). I spent the whole night thinking about it and searching online, and the best thing I found was, Rakuten Global Market, basically, they sell japanese items, shipping them worldwide. Check out their website HERE, it's in english! The best news for people who don't understand a wee bit of japanese. 

The shop that I bought my Midori Traveler's notebook from is NAGASAWA, and the link through Rakuten is HERE. The shop pretty much writes everything in japanese, with little english translation. But here and there you can kind of figure out whether it's the item that you want. You order through the website, the shop would then send you a confirmation email, and you can ask them whatever questions you have directly, and lastly, wait for your item to arrive!! The question is probably how much I got mine right? 

Before express shipping, it was $35 (I think), and when I checked my bank account, it said, $48. So, I guess express shipping costed a BOMB. On the bright side, I received my Midori within 3-5 days, I was more than happy to have received it. Asides from the fact that it was the weekend my boyfriend left the country because the nation called, it made my day better. 

What was in the package: 
Main body of cover (product made in cowhide) 
Notebook refill (no ruled line)
Cotton case (product made in cloth) 
Spare elastic bands (2)

And after going crazy with making my own refills, I added a charm to my bookmark, a sand clock. What it meant to me was, "Time doesn't rewind, memories are meant to be left behind". What I'm looking for is some nice glass beads to add to the rubber band, hoping to get some on my upcoming trip to Taiwan!

I would do an update on how to make these notebook refills (the easy way).

So... Keep reading to find out more!

PS: I waiting to get my hands on a regular sized and maybe one more Army Edition. Super excited to get the army edition one! 

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