P.S Cafe

July 30, 2013

Met up with the girls when I came back from my holiday weeks ago. No idea why, but we decided on an expensive meal at P.S cafe. It's probably the fact that we've all graduated, and I guess your spending power increases when you have a job (although I don't, I only have my boyfriend). It's fascinating how time passes so fast, how the topic of conversations change so quickly as well.

Being art students, we used to bitch and moan about how tough being an art student was, how school was fun, but kind of sucked at the same time. Our love-hate relationship with lecturers, friends, and even school management (everyone seems to have problems with school managements). Growing up, happens so quickly, too quickly, there isn't even enough time to really stop and think, what you want in life, what went wrong in life, what could be done better, just millions of questions that could be asked, just does not happen.

Just some awesome P.S burger from P.S cafe. 
I do admit, the burger is really fantastic. I'm a lover for beef, although I eat really small portions at a go, and this burger, served with wagyu beef, is just delicious. The dip for the fries had a tinge of lemon, not too sour, made it the BEST dip.

P.S cafe at Dempsey has the best atmosphere, if you're looking for really good food, do check them out. Here is a link to their website, P.S Cafe. If you want to know the range of their food, it's about $24-$30+ SGD, their food however, it's definitely worth the money.

And, just so you know, I'm NOT paid to promote for them, I just think people should know what's worth their money and what isn't worth it. 

That aside, after dinner and catch up with my good friends, it was time for desserts at Ben & Jerry, loved the atmosphere there, with the outside swing seats, which we didn't get to sit in because we were busy beating each other's asses at monopoly deal. Only sat in it to take pictures after the shop closed. 
What I totally love about my friends is their sense of humour, and the fact that my boyfriend is able to communicate with them. I guess a little humour goes a long way, also, it's the best way to break some ice. That's also why I love this bunch of friends, they made me a more humorous person, a more independent person, they made me who I am now. 4 years was long way to go, and throughout the tough years, they were there for me.

 Working life is going to make everything different.

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