Best Friend FATTY'S 21st Birthday

August 12, 2013

Photo taken by Jasper Tan

Starting the post out with a lovely picture of my bestfriend, Kaiting also known as fatty, a nickname that will always be stuck with her, a nick name ever since secondary school, even though she's no longer fat and in fact super skinny already. It's only because she was so happy, over the moon during the birthday celebration, although she did have some concerns. So this whole post today, is dedicated to her, my best friend, also because today's her birthday (it's just not about me)

Photos taken by Jasper Tan

The day started pretty late, was supposed to meet her 3pm at the hotel, but only got there about 4.30pm, helped her out with blowing up the balloons (after checking out the room), and she had TONS of them to blow up. After awhile I accompanied her out to check out the booking for dinner, which was not allowed at any restaurants at RWS on weekends, either that, or they were fully booked and only allowed walk-in. NO WAY. We knew the numbers were huge, that's why we wanted to book, but they just didn't allow us to, not even when we went down to ask them. Unbelievable

So anyway, watched her did her make up at THE MAKE UP STORE, paragon, which I personally thought was... passable. Their eyeliner didn't really last on fat's eye (oily lids), but it's up to personal preference then again. I'm someone who would go for something really natural and nude, which actually means not much make up needed, and I'm able to do it myself. Just for the girls, the make-up session is roughly 45 minutes, and the price of a make up session is $50.

My best friend was mostly concerned about boyfriend and I because we weren't from the same clique as the people she invited. We did however meet them before, held conversations and all, but fats was just worried that we'd feel out of place. Which is always the problem when inviting different groups of people to your 21st birthday party.  But, the night was good, the guys talked to Nigel a lot, and I was getting along well with the girls too! I love the clique of girls because they have a great sense of humour, and they have that ability to dissipate any sense of awkwardness.

Photos taken by Nigel Ng

By the way, dinner only started at 9.30pm at Chili's, and cake cutting in the room at 12am. It's so crazy. I guess everything got delayed mainly because we couldn't get a reservation, and it took them some time to get a table of about 17 people ready. Anyway, the total for the 17 people dinner only came up to about $570, which I thought was a pretty reasonable amount, considering my 21st birthday combined with boyfriend's 25th birthday and a number of 12 people, came up to about $550. The food at chili's has insane portion as well, so if you're not a big eater, find someone else to share a meal with you!

And the best part of the night came.. OPENING PRESENTS!!!! I love watching people open the presents that I get, it's their reactions when they open their presents that are priceless.

Boyfriend said, "Like reading love letter all..."
Fatty proudly strutting her new shoes, like a model eh
Priceless reaction when Shawn (her bf) said he had a present for her
Photos taken by Nigel Ng

And, another birthday dedication:

Happy 21st Birthday my dearest girl! Like the card which expressed our friendship, we had our ups and downs, and it made it more definite about our existence and roots planted in each other's life. The support and assurance you've given me throughout made me this strong, it watered our friendship and now the flowers are blooming (so cheesy). I thank you for being in my life and entertaining my so much with your bimbo-ness, we all have those moments, with you, it's just 10 times the normal moments. What I wanted to say, was all in the card, I just hope with all my heart that you've loved the present, and that you've enjoyed yourself that day. Your happiness is all that matters, remember that, and, that I'll always be here, whether or not you need me.

With much love,
Your tiniest friend. xoxo

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  1. I love you so so so much Maggie :* Just read your blog post. Super touched with those bombastic words you used. LOL. Miss you tiniest bestf. xx


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