Taipei Day 4 | Miniature Museum of Taipei, Suho Paper Museum

August 15, 2013

1st stop of the day, the Miniature museum of Taipei. Walked quite some distance before we found it, not through the directions I had written down on our itinerary, but through google mapping. Yes, a traveller's best friend, google map. Never forget to buy yourself pre-paid data wherever you go, because getting lost, REALLY lost, is something you never want happening to you. The entrance fee into the museum costs 180NT, roughly $7 SGD. 

The museum is actually really small, and the objects/toys placed at the entrance was not miniatured at all, it didn't bring out the museum well enough. Below are a couple of pictures that depicted my trip there, I enjoyed the trip there, because I love toys and stories. There were a couple of miniatured sets built based on childhood fairytales, mostly something that girls would enjoy. My boyfriend got bored within the first 5 minutes and eventually went around taking pictures of almost everything he could take. 

In all honesty, the lighting there wasn't one of the best, meaning you can't exactly take really great photographs without your flash, which I think you're not supposed to use (too many glass displays anyways)
The cute tin toys besides tin robots

Obviously couldn't take anything with my SLR, so I posed for the camera! 

Towards the end of the museum, would be the lego room, where they have displays of structures with the explanations of their creators and the concept behind them, also the only part of the museum that barely impressed the boyfriend. Pictures taken in the room was also mostly blur, so I can't show you how it roughly looks, but it's definitely interesting if legos were part of your childhood.

It ended with a souvenir shop which obviously sells everything at an insanely expensive rate. However, if you're into collecting miniatured wooden structures, knock yourself out there, they have such an extensive range of collectibles.

Next on Taipei's to-do checklist for me was to visit the Suho Paper Museum. If you're someone into art, or papers, you have to visit this place, even though it's just small paper museum, I think the best thing about this place is, you don't have to join a tour to take part in their paper making workshop. Their website gives you more details about the place, and also, the timings of their workshop.

Suho Paper Museum WEBSITE! 

The entrance fee plus the workshop is 180NT, also about $7 SGD, for the experience of the workshop, I think it's worth it. Being an art student, I already knew how to make my own paper (one of the simplest things), however, the experience of going through this workshop with my boyfriend just made things very different. It was definitely more fun because it was Nigel's first experience making paper, and watching him being so bimbo made me laugh so hard. We all have our bimbo moments, boyfriend's just revolve around anything to do with arts. I loved this experience so much.

Down at the museum (which photography isn't allowed), the staff actually makes even thinner papers, which need years of skill to make. It's really amazing. Their other exhibits in the museum is pretty interesting as well because it's interactive installations which makes it engaging to the public. Although some does make you look silly playing with them.

Before the workshop began
A short but fulfilling workshop
The garden area
Photographs taken by Nigel Ng.

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