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August 05, 2013

Just realised I have not done a shopping haul in a long time. And the fact is I was sort of busy before I left on a holiday, leaving a huge gap between my last post before my holiday and my holiday post. Back to the topic, before I left for Taiwan, Singapore was having it's yearly Great Singapore Sales (GSS), it is a time when singaporeans just go all crazy with shopping. Discounts from 10% to some of a crazy 50%-70% (hardly)

I've set my eyes on a pair of Melissa jelly sandals for the longest time, however not willing to purchase it because it was slightly pricey (so singaporean). Seriously, the discount was only 10%, but I bought the jelly sandals anyway. Discounts just give us a reason to buy something. EXCUSES.

The spider hits (ARANHA) was seriously the most valuable buy EVER. It's comfortable, matches many outfits, it looks lovely and presentable (always think working life now..), lastly, it smells so good! It's a girl thing though, girls like anything that smells good, including guys that smell good. The sandals smelling good was just a plus point. The fact is, it's weather prove, mainly rain prove, just that the base would get a little dirty because the rain water and all, it's never clean. All in all, I've worn this pair of sandals for the past 2-3 months already, and I'm loving it every single bit.

Another best buy, my New Balance shoes. Yes, I've conformed to trend. Only because everyone has a NB, and so I just wanted one! Besides that, I've been wanting to replace my TOMS with a new pair of kicks because my TOMS was just all broken and had many holes.

If you've read my Taipei holiday posts, you would actually realise I did a whole lot of walking in Taipei, and honestly, walking hurts our feet, and I needed a better pair of walking shoes before we went on our railway tour, because walking on a railway track in toms would be torture to your feet.

I bought this at the 饶河夜市 (Raohe Night Market), in fact there are many shops around the night markets that sells tons of sports shoes. Just drop by any of them to check the shoes out. I got it for roughly $100 SGD, and after I came back, I checked the shops to see if they actually offer the same design here, but they don't. That's the best thing isn't it? Being the very few who owns this particular pair of NB here in Singapore, although I've already succumbed to trend, what matters?.!  

Not really last, but another pair of good buy from Taipei, my Birkenstock! I actually have no idea how much this costs in Singapore, but this Navy Blue Rio costed me about $120 SGD from the Birkenstock retail shop at Shilin Night Market. I honestly don't really remember where the shop is anymore, I just kind of know that it's near the old entrance of Shilin, somewhere near the food street. Just walk until you're lost and you'll probably find it. 

This pair of sandals is also another pair of sandals that has been on my wishlist since forever, and by forever, I mean ever since 2009. I've bought myself a pair of fake Birkenstock from Bangkok my last trip overseas, and now, I finally got myself a legitimate one! 

Why it's a good buy? It's such a comfortable casual sandals. 

What's important in footwear? Comfortability. It always comes first, and I believe it can only be found in expensive shoes. Like what I say, you get what you pay for. 

Below are the links to my Taiwan posts!

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