Best's 21st at Kith Cafe

August 02, 2013

A super back-dated post (best's back in Perth already) but, my best friend came back for holiday from Perth, and we finally met up! Celebrated her 21st birthday at Kith Cafe, Robertson Quay. Apparently, on her 21st Birthday, she decided to surprise everybody by being back her in Singapore, which I only found out from Instagram. Being out of town on a holiday made me miss that absolutely touching moment, at that particular point in time, I was super upset that I wasn't in town to celebrate her birthday.

Fast-forward to me being back, we met up the weekend I touched down after my 2 week holiday and went for brunch. Sorry for the lack of food pictures, I gobbled up my food when I got it because I was too hungry, after checking instagram, I realised my bestfriends didn't take photos too.

The food there was pretty pricey and honestly, not as good as places like Hatched even. The robertson quay branch was small and seating was only outside, table was honestly tiny and could only seat 2, even though combining tables was suppose to make it bigger, the plates were obviously huge as well.

The menu was on this huge blackboard at the counter, which makes it a little tough to check the menu out, not to forget, the HEAT you can feel whilst ordering your meal, is totally insane! I do pity the waiters and waitresses there because that place literally does not feel like it has ventilation on the inside! Then again, maybe the other outlets might be better.

Dedicated to my bestfriend, Amelia:

Happy 21st Birthday Best! (Belated, OVER belated) The past half a year was probably the worst period you've been through, the goodbyes that you've said, the getting used to a new place and everything else. I would like to say that "I feel you", but I honestly don't, I haven't been put through what you've gone through, all the heartbreaks, all the roller-coaster rides, just here to let you know that whatever you're going through, I'll always be here for you. Although you're in another country, we always have Whatsapp and FaceTime, I would always hear what you have to say. Through the quarrels and the fights, our friendship has been kept strong, like what you say, "tough love is true love". It makes me happy that we still have random chats through whatsapp, because the distance doesn't stop the friendship. Stay strong best.

Loads of love,
Your tiniest friend.

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