January 03, 2014

A summary of 2013

2013 was a great year for everything! A great end to my studies, graduating with a BA (hons) in Fine Arts, displaying my works during the graduation show, having my mum and boyfriend attending my convocation late September. Celebrating as many of my friend's 21st, celebrating my own in conjunction with boyfriend's birthday, a lovely close knit party. Attending my best bud's POP and red beret parade, spending loads of time with him as well before we had our shag days.

Re-connected with friends whom I haven't met or spoke to in a long time, gathered with my boyfriend's awesome group of friends (who always make fun of me and boyfriend's relationship). Took our back-to-back trip to Taiwan and Ko Samui, loved those places and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Came back to Singapore, and finally found a job.

Started my new job, had way much lesser time to spend with my boyfriend, but we've hung on for 3 months already, and today, my boyfriend just told me it's time to find a new job.

THANK YOU ALL FOR 2013!!! It's been a great one!!! 

Just joking!!!! I'm sure, whatever happens in 2014, I'd make it a better year. Who cares about resolutions? I'll just live the life I want to. NO NEW YEAR, NEW ME BULLSHIT. Wishing everyone happiness and a great year ahead!

P.s: Growing old doesn't seem like a glorious matter after you've hit 21. 

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