Fashionista/Blogshop Model?...

December 12, 2013

A couple of reasons to why I wouldn't consider myself a fashionista or consider being a blogshop model (my whole family keeps telling me I should be one). Honestly, I'd love being a fashionista.

1. Fashionable clothes needs some upkeep alongside with the different seasons and trends. 
I'm not rich enough for that upkeep. Even buying a cart of 100 bucks clothes, I'd still take forever to make up my mind, which eventually I'd decide against because I believe I have other useful stuff I'd need more. 

2. You get what you pay for. 
Obviously paying less than 10 bucks for a shirt or skirt means the quality that you're getting is pretty much crappy. 

3. I go too much for comfort, which fashionistas aren't that much into. 
Why bother with something so complicated that makes you feel uncomfortable with?! I don't get it.. I just don't. 

4. I don't wear heels.
I would, to get a nice photo, to show a nice pair of heels, that's about it. The number of times I wear heels out can probably be counted by my two hands. Who cares if I'm short?!? Nothing makes me any much taller anyway. Even if I wear a 3-inch heels, I wouldn't be able to match my boyfriend's height, so.. Not worth making my poor feet suffer. 

5. Yes, as I mentioned, I'm short. REALLY short, 5ft. Almost impossible to be any form of model. Also, I'm extremely skinny, petite UK4. You can probably round my waist by putting your two hands around me. 

6. Clothes are never my size. 
Any clothes that I buy, it'd go through alterations. 90% of the clothes in my closet do. Dresses, forever too long. Pants, forever too wide and insanely long (yay to short legs). Most of my shirts are probably oversized. 

7. Have to be really pretty. 
It's just not in my genes. 

8. Flawless complexion. 
Are you just kidding?!? Singapore weather and flawless complexion just don't go well together. 

These are my woes of being too short and too skinny. Although sometimes it isn't too bad because I save money buying kids clothes! 

Working life has also changed my spending habit. I wouldn't think twice about buying something expensive and nice to eat, neither would I save on skincare, however, I'd think too long on whether I should splurge on clothes, knowing that I would have to alter them after I get them. As what my sister said, "You start thinking whether it's reasonable based on your paycheck." EXACTLY. A fresh grad has tons of debts to pay, and that's what is keeping me from crazy sprees especially during this Christmas season, with mad sales. 

I'd one day love to try blogshop modelling (maybe if I open a blogshop that sells petite range), any idea if it'd be a good business? I'm not sure if Singapore has that many petite girls. 

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