Sweet talking YODO

January 28, 2014

Photo from Facebook, edited using Rhonna designs.

What to do after watching  very emotional taiwanese drama and you can't fall asleep?

Play a game.

Boyfriend and I started playing a word game, a lame game. Started off with me challenging his sweet talk, I randomly said , "you're not the kind of guy who says stuff like, 'you're the star to my moon' to a girl." Game face, on, challenge accepted. We went for a few rounds of you're ... to ... ,and the final winner was....

MR. NG. 

Although I have to say, I managed to come up with a couple of good ones, like.. 
1. You're the music to my lyrics. 
Inspired by music and lyrics. HAHA. So it's good to watch chic flick sometimes isn't it? 
2. You are the heartbeat to my heart.  
Oh too cliché. This was also the last one that led my boyfriend to victory. 

Now that's it's been awhile since we played that game, I can't really remember what I managed to come up with for that game. Anyway, if your boyfriend happens to be the sweet-talker, you probably really wouldn't want to play this game with him, although it's fun. 

Have fun if you do play this!!! Leave a comment on the phrases you can come up with! Would be a great collection for me if I ever do challenge my boyfriend again. 

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