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April 11, 2014

Just before I start this post, part of this post was drafted out ever since February, I just haven't had the mood to post anything ever since my last post.

Just before the Chinese New Year, I decided on a haircut. Actually, one that wasn't much different from my past haircut. Except, much shorter and perming my ends.

The above photo was taken right after I was done with the perm, before washing. I was super amused at how it turned out, thinking I look super aunty, and couldn't stop giggling at myself in the salon. I'm weird, yes, I hear that all the time. The photo below, was how my haircut turned out right after the wash. Not too shabby yeah?

After a few days...

After months passed, I still love the effect that my hair holds, it's still keeping the shape in because I've yet to snip off the ends. Although I have to say, I really did regret such a short haircut 2 months ago. Till now, my hair has yet to reach it's previous length, not even close. 

If you were wondering how much this costed in total, it was about 245 bucks I think (been too long). Pretty reasonable I feel, for wash, cut and perm. Previously when I dyed my hair at Shunji Matsuo, with those junior stylist, it costed me 300++, TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT. It went down on my list of banishment. 

I totally love ProTrim, so, if you're interested, do head down there, 313 outlet, and my hairstylist, Avan, is amazing. He's got loads of tattoo, but don't judge him, he's really quiet (doesn't probe into your personal life), and he's really gentle, whether in terms of washing, blowdrying, trimming or even perming. Raving about his mad skills. Also, TOTALLY AWESOME AT CUTTING BANGS. You know how people always say, "bangs so easy to cut", guys, you are all wrong! Many things can go wrong cutting bangs. 

Always pamper yourself! 

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    1. Hello Gabrielle,

      Sure! I wouldn't mind if you publish an excerpt of my blog post on your website.

      Have a great week ahead!



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