February 05, 2014

Prisca's Wedding, Dec 2012

Fu Kang's Wedding, 25 Dec 2013

Jian Wu's Wedding, 25 Jan 2014

The first ever wedding I attended with the boyfriend, was his sister's wedding in 2012. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned before, but I've always loved weddings. Who doesn't love weddings?!? Those pretty gowns, lovely decorations, so on and so forth. 

And wedding dinners are the loveliest things, you get to meet new people (not that you really talk to them), you get to see childhood moments of the couples (which are often hilarious), and those sweet dating photos (diabetic sweet) and the gate crash videos (good ideas). No one really goes to these dinners for the food, I mean, seriously, how good can the food go? It's often those few dishes, which I personally dislike, good food is a plus point though. We all go there for the blessing, wishing people the best for their new marriage. 

On our most recent wedding that we went to, what made me really happy, was how he told his friend's mother that we were "青梅竹马" (childhood sweetheart), for people who don't know, we knew each other ever since I was 9. That's 13 years and counting.. He watched me grow up, go through my teenage period, watched me fell in love and out of love a couple of times, until the day we finally got together (which is a story meant for another time).

I love weddings, and growing up means witnessing more weddings happening, and for every wedding that we attend, I'll make sure that we take photos. 

On the side note, just realised from the photos that my hair became shorter every wedding. 

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