Back to the early 2000s

April 12, 2014

Going way, way back into the past... And the place we always took a photo, the school's amphitheatre.  Ever since back then, our favourite place was the amphitheatre, then, it was right beside the basketball court, where we spent every single day, post-curiculum time, at. We don't have to meet everyday, every month, to know that we love each other, and no matter how much time has passed, we can still rake up the embarrassing past and mock each other.

This is love, and this is what 4 years did to us. We had tough love back then (puberty brings loads of stupid petty friendship problems).

We ended the day with Freeing SG! at Bugis+, and steamboat at bugis street. No idea why I'm always succumbing to going to steamboat and buffets with friends when I don't even eat that much. It's for the company!!!! Anyway, Freeing SG! was hell loads of fun, definitely needs teamwork, also seriously hilarious when you go with your good friends. It's better to go with friends that you love, and you know you wouldn't punch their faces even if you're pissed with them.

That time when we went, it costed us about 28 bucks per head, I guess because time has passed, it's probably much cheaper, also there are more and more of these game rooms that has opened up, more offers for them as well.

These strategic game rooms are definitely worth it. Everyone should try it at least once in their lives!!!

Have fun and rock on!

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