May 26, 2014

Once again, it's one of those #throwback posts, which I have to buck up for. These memories are gold, and they should stay gold on paper as we move on with life. Anyhow, these moments happened in April, where many birthday celebrations happened. 


First up, birthday celebration for boyfriend's grandma and cousin, took place at Holiday Inn Atrium, Melting Pot. Definitely, I'm grateful for the birthday celebration that I get to spend time with his family, honestly though, the food there is pretty bad. 

I've actually been to Melting Pot to have it's buffet in the past, however, years gone by and I haven't visited it again. But this recent trip there reminded me of why I haven't gone back in years. Asides from the salmon sashimi that is average, everything else there just wasn't up to standard. Every single food we had on our plates weren't appetising. The meats were tough, the veggies were hard, the pasta was stuck together with bad sauce, you get my drift yeah?.. 

All in all, I'd have to say, thank god the company we had that night made up for the bad food served, I've always enjoyed the company of boyfriend's family, and always will.

#madselfie vs #jeromeselfie

In celebration of Cuiling's birthday, we had a surprise planned for her, half successful, half failure, what matters is we had fun! Our initial plan to meet for dinner at Marché at Somerset 313 fell through when they arrived there facing a long queue. Plans had to change really quickly, so we settled for CoCo Ichibanya down at Basement 3. 

I'm not a huge fan of Japanese curry, so I'm no expert at telling you whether it's THE BEST japanese curry in Singapore, all I know is that, it is pretty good. The outlet at Somerset 313 is pretty small and cosy, right near the escalator that comes down from Bread-talk, so if you plan a surprise here, note that it's an open area shop, and if your main lead doesn't have his/her back towards the escalator, the surprise will flop.

Back to the main topic of the food, time for rating.

Taste: 7/10 
Price: 7/10 

I gave it 7 because ultimately taste is up to you to decide, CoCo Ichibanya allows you to choose your spiciness level, the kind of rice you want, the portion size and your side dishes. Which means, choose what you want to eat and have it customised to your taste buds. I wouldn't say it's cheap, and neither is it too expensive, beef curry rice with set was what I ordered and it costed about $18. 

Ex Curia Officers

It's amazing how our friendship has lasted this long. Just a short introduction to 1st time readers, these amazing people were people whom I grew up with through a church organisation I was in for about 11 years. Through my last few years in the organisation, we grew a lot closer, and I'm honestly touched how this friendships continued. 

We've been through the good and the bad, and through everything that we went through, it made our friendship stronger. The good memories revolved around the camps that we planned and carried out, the nights we stayed up till wee hours, woke up looking zombified, bathed in ice cold waters (screaming our lungs out) and practically every single bit of the camps. For me, a couple of slight wrong moves in life wavered these friendships a couple of times, but the past is the past, and now we're stronger than ever. When we were all much younger, the older people told us that the friendships we build in this organisation would be friendships that last a lifetime. 

I strongly agree. 

So these were my friends since young, I watched them grow up, they watched me grow up, we all grew up together, witnessing our most unglamorous days, and now feeling proud for each other's achievements. 

To friendships that last a lifetime. Cheers! 

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  1. Do you have to extract your premolars for braces ?

    1. Hello! If your jaw has enough space, you wouldn't need to extract teeth. In fact if you do require to extract teeth, its normally your front few teeth. Consult your dentist for the best solution! :)


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