Goodbye; Hello

December 08, 2014

I've disappeared way too long for my personal liking. I've been way too caught up with the goings in life, which very much includes money, work, more work, and.. Social media.


Can't admit it's a self realization, but more of topics that has been brought up before. 

"Self entitlement"

Maybe it's the culture, definitely the upbringing. I've come to terms that we Singaporeans (myself included) always think that we deserve something from someone/anyone. That we deserve higher pay because we got a paper that states we're graduates, that people around us should acknowledge and reward us for whatever we do (even if it's something so meager).

Then again someone once told me, "If something was wrong wherever you worked/working at, maybe it's not them, not you, but humanity" Oh. TOTALLY BRO. It's definitely humanity, and there's nothing much I can do about it. She told me, then again there's influence, positive influence is what would make this world a better place.

Many people have told me that I have a great amount of tolerance, not that I actually notice it. I seem to be able to tolerate a lot more shit then I know. But oh boy, when I've reached that boiling point and unleash the Kraken inside of me, I doubt anyone would wanna even be remotely close to me. We're all too sheltered to know many underlying things.

The many depths of life as such.

On a superficial level, if you're keen to read about my (rare) updates, do check out the dayre app and follow me, @shortyminimad.

Till then,

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