Goodbye my Wisdom (Teeth)

May 06, 2014

Just a little warning here, the below photos are pretty disturbing, and definitely nowhere near pretty. It was a short little journey of my wisdom teeth surgery at Alexandra Hospital. Wait.. What short journey?.. I wasn't even awake through the surgery.

Because I have braces, and a really small jaw, the growth of both my top wisdom teeth were affecting my braces progression. Just a couple months back, my dentist started on the shifting of my top molars, but the growth of my wisdom teeth caused my molars to shift back to it's sleeping position. That, and the fact a week before my appointed surgery date, my bottom 2 wisdom teeth started causing pain. 

My top 2 wisdom teeth were fully grown, and my bottom 2 were indented, which meant removal through surgical manner. Cutting through the bone and what not to get those 2 teeth out. Didn't sound like the most friendly and amazing thing to hear, or see or even know. Anyway, lucky me, got to remove 4 of my wisdom teeth together, general anaesthesia (best news for me literally). Not psyched about local because you can hear what's going on, and I heard they had to give you like 3 facial jabs (NOT COOL). 

The morning of the surgery, my parents dropped me off at the hospital, and left me there alone. So I had to change into surgical gown, before I could rest. Just FYI, don't ever listen to your mum if she insists on you wearing long pants or long sleeved top to the hospital, cause it all just comes off right after you sign those papers and walk into the day ward. 

The main thing about surgeries, they mentioned to me, no earrings, necklaces or any sort of jewellery and no make-up.. What I didn't know.. No painted nails either, manicure or pedicure. If you have gel nails, get them off before the surgery date! Lucky mine was just home pedicure. Cleaned it off real quick. 

Looking psyched up for the surgery.. Was pretty nervous. 

Was brought up to the day surgical theatre, and the doctors and nurses would ask you the same questions like 3-4 times, from the day ward to the surgical theatre. While I was talking to the dentist, a needle had to go into my hand for the anaesthesia medication. AMEN. It was a huge ass needle, but it was fine, because these professionals knew what they were doing and they were so quick. 

Went into the surgical theatre and I think I was talking to the dentist halfway, and the anaesthesia professional told me he was going to inject the medication, and I just passed out. I managed to catch a glimpse of my handsome dentist, for like a good 10 seconds only, and I passed out. What a luck. 

Woke up feeling like shit literally. Couldn't breathe properly, my throat was dry as a cracking wall paint, phlegm build up around my throat wasn't helping as well. Literally felt like I was hyperventilating, and so the nurses told me to calm down (which I obviously couldn't) and go back to sleep (which I did). Woke up in the day ward, and was super groggy, knocked out again for an hour or so. After which, I woke up, got some water to cleanse my mouth and into my system, and I got my phone back! 

My first photo right after the surgery. Still doped up.

Anyhow, I rested in the day ward for another 2 hours or so, got more water into the system, got some milo (which I puked up by the way). Stayed groggy and all doped up for the whole day. Slept my way  through the day till the anaesthesia totally wore off, which took the whole day. Woke up the next day finally feeling perfectly normal, and the numbness around my lips and mouth were finally gone. And below are the pictures from my healing period, about 7 days of healing.. 

It only started to swell after the 2nd day of the surgery.. And the bruising only came after 4 days or so, the bruising is the one that stayed, for about a week and a half. So the pros and cons about a wisdom teeth surgery under general anaesthesia,

1. Settle it once and for all!! 
2. You won't have to feel the facial injections. 
3. General anaesthesia means you don't know whatever happened in the surgical theatre. 

1. 1 week of liquid diet (totally sufferable). 
2. Absolute horrible swelling for a week.

Honestly, more pros than cons.

After a week of MC, I was looking almost perfectly fine! Asides from the really mild swelling and the bruising, I was good to go!! Although, still no chicken and whatsoever for another good week. And that ends the torturous 2 weeks I went through because of the wisdom teeth extraction. And I'm awaiting the end of my braces journey, where I will get perfect set of smile!

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