Go-karting with SCE

May 02, 2014

It has been a long time since I've done anything fun. Work took up a whole lot of time, and I didn't have much life, but I squeezed in one weekend for go-karting with the people from Singapore Car Enthusiast (SCE).

A little bit of background of how SCE came about, it's a Facebook car group that the boyfriend created, initially out of boredom, however, it's manifested into a group full of amazing and fun people. It's a group whereby they mainly share their love for cars, no selling stuff on their Facebook page, meet-ups to chat and plainly have fun.

For this short trip, they decided on going to JB for go-karting. They chose Permas Go-Kart Club, and it's in Plentong (wherever in JB that is?..). The ride there was hell bumpy. I mean, you already know how the roads in JB are (not as shabby as I've always thought), but when you reach near the go kart track, you have to drive through a plantation, which means bumpy roads, muddy if you go on a rainy day. If you do drive a lowered car, I would suggest not to drive there, you'd probably have to end up taking out your bumper and putting it in your boot.

We car pooled there, there isn't a need to drive so many cars there anyway.

Cost: RM35 for about 5-10 minutes.
Fun Rating: 9/10

Above I stated the cost it is, per person, per go kart. It is REALLY REALLY fun, I mean it is about the same as driving, but in the go kart track, you can go full throttle! Asides from the fact that you should never crash the go-kart. They will make you pay exorbitant amount for the damages caused, which probably isn't even that much.

Heads up to the girls out there, dump sunblock on yourself and go out there and have tons of fun. Nothing stops you from having fun, just lather a thick layer of sunblock and you're ready to go, don't miss out the fun that the guys are having!

A bunch of the SCE people

It's amazing how we can meet new and amazing friends through such manner.

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