Salted Caramel has Cheap Ice Cream!

November 08, 2012

Went to salted caramel @ Upper Thomson after dinner to have some ice cream.

Salted Caramel ice cream: 8/10
Price: 8/10

It's one if the cheapest good ice cream you can find out there. $3 for one scoop, $5 for double scoop. And ONLY $12 for a pint of ice cream!

The salted caramel ice cream, is not fully salty or fully sweet. It's sweet with a tinge of saltiness. It's really addictive when you keep eating it. And it's probably not a guys kind of ice cream, because it's kind of conflicting, and guys being guys, like things that are direct (observed through the boyfriend).

Other ice cream the boyfriend had was mango sorbet. Being someone who hates sour stuff, I'm not a fan of the mango sorbet, but according to my boyfriend, it's super awesome. He gave it a 7/10, really worth it for the price.

And if you wanna get two scoops of ice cream, just get the double scoop different flavours, you save $1 for doing that!

Not to forget mentioning, all the ice cream shops at upper thomson, salted caramel and udders ONLY accept cash. So don't forget to have cash when you get there! The nearest place to withdraw cash, POSB, is Thomson Plaza, which is hell of a walk from salted caramel.


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