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December 09, 2012

The holidays have arrived, and christmas is arriving. Are you prepared? Time to be Santa Claus, share the love, share the joy. I've been making christmas presents, but I'd share more about them when I'm done with it. 

Started off the holidays by making handmade bracelets for my sister and I. Because I've got an insane wrist size of 13cm, I can't buy any ready made bracelets at all. Yes, welcome to my sucky life of being overly skinny, probably a size 0 without eating disorder. I eat a lot but I just don't grow, both horizontally or vertically, so there's nothing much to envy about. Also, if you're overly skinny, you really can't buy much clothes without altering it here in Singapore. I digress...

I've made stackable bracelets, mainly using braiding and square knots. It's really easy to make these bracelets. Go youtube and you'll find tons of these! For starters, in Singapore, you can get these materials at "Beadtle Sweet" at Plaza Singapura, and a place that has a wider range of strings/ cords, "Beads Etc" at Orchard central. Both places have a wide range of charms, however, the things from beads etc. costs more as compared to beadtle sweet. 

I've found an online shop that delivers these handmade jewellery findings, Go check out the website! However, there are less vintage charms (something that I'm more interested in) available on the website. 

My dearest readers, if you know any shops or online shops that sells cheap vintage charms, please share it with me. Also, I wonder if anyone would want to buy my handmade bracelets... Would you?

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