December 08, 2012

What assessment period did to me (take photos at 5.30am in the studio).

Not a fashion blogger, and as you can see, not someone who's always dressed up. But I'd just like to share my part, slacker, comfortable, yet presentable (or so I think). Not young already, yet I'm still always donned in shorts and my favourite pair of TOMS

It's been raining a lot in Singapore due to the monsoon season. When it's not raining, it's insanely humid outside, when it's raining, it's insanely cold. So I guess the best way to dress is always to bring out a sweater/ cardigan/ jacket. Who am I joking, it's OBVIOUS. You don't need me to share with you what to wear. 


H&M knitted sweater | H&M Kids turquoise shorts

Amber avenue medium wash denim jacket 

Kids rain booties (Korea) | H&M knitted sweater

That's what I do, spend an hour in front of my bursting closet, only to decide on wearing shorts with a simple top. Because my pockets don't allow me the luxury of getting fancy clothes. Then again, I'm happy with what I have (you have to learn to be happy with what you already have), because life's more simple that way.

I've done much shopping overseas than in Singapore over the past 2 years. Korea, where the clothes are of really good quality, but pricing matches Singapore, in Bangkok, where you get really cheap clothes if you buy more (which makes you buy MORE), fashionable, roughly bugis village priced. And a whole lot of blogshop shopping.

However, being REALLY petite, I end up altering most of the clothes that I buy from online shops. (Need to find a trusty and cheap alteration place) And honestly, in Singapore, they don't sell much petite clothes, so I always have to spend THAT much on alterations, like $30 at far east, DON'T GO THERE to alter clothes, a total rip-off. 

To shopping, CHEERS!!!!

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