Shorty for life (even hair)

January 13, 2013

Just the other day I decided it was time to chop off my long hair because I was researching on hair styles for my sisters, and read up that short people shouldn't have hair that's too long. It makes us look shorter. Yes, the sad life of a shorty. 

I screamed for help in my best friends whatsapp group chat and asked for suggestion for salons, and Ame suggested to me Pro Trim at 313. Being some one who's unwilling to spend so much on hair, called to book an appointment. Only because I know I can't screw up this haircut, I'd cry for a month if the hair cut screwed up.

Before the haircut @ ProTrim
After the haircut @ H&M

It took about 1 hour for the whole hair cut because they had to blow dry my hair. As you can see, I chopped off about 5 inches of hair, which meant a lot to me because for about 4 years now I haven't had a hair cut that was more than 1 inch. 

The people at Pro Trim were really nice and professional, minimal small talk, so you can do your own stuff. But I guess it was mainly because it was my first trip there, and I didn't have any hair stylist to appoint, but the stylist who cut my hair was nice. He was really gentle with my hair, other people can't be bother and pulled my hair a whole load whilst blow drying. 

The whole haircut on average was enjoyable.

Service: 8/10
Price: 6/10 (Wash, Blow dry, Hair cut) 

But a good salon matters more when it comes to doing things like treatment and chemicals. If I do get sponsored to ever do chemical services for hair, I'd gladly say YES!!!! Because slowly, my hair is turning back to it's original brown/copper/I-have-no-idea-what-colour.

Share with me your haircut experience in Singapore, or just about hair styles!

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