Celebrating a milestone and CNY

February 26, 2013

Got invited to boyfriend's family birthday celebration and BBQ awhile ago (backdated post once again). And the most happening thing ever, it was a surprise celebration for his aunt! How cute is that?!?!?! I mean, at such age, most people don't even celebrate birthdays anymore, what's more it was a surprise celebration. 

Also, it was still CNY, so I has a taste of the yu sheng that all his aunts made. SUPER YUMMY! Really. Nothing beats a homemade yu sheng, you can put anything you want to, to make it yummy. Not to forget, kudos to his aunt for making skewers, which were the yummiest things EVER during BBQ. Bacon wrapped asparagus and bacon wrapped golden mushroom, it's worth preparing these because it'll be the most memorable BBQ. 

The view from the chalet (would've been nicer without dark clouds)
AWESOME yu sheng! 

The thing about yu sheng is that, NO ONE tosses it clean. So the smartest way of not wasting food, is to put a gigantic CLEAN plastic sheet beneath the plate you're going to toss your yu sheng on, and eat off whatever that gets onto the plastic sheet!

CNY has officially ended, so we're all officially into our new year already, and not to forget, 2 months has already passed. As we grow older, time seems to pass so much faster than we realise.

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