Conversations X (#01)

February 25, 2013

Just funny conversations with the boyfriend. The things we say and do to each other...

The other day we went over to his friend's place for steamboat dinner, so we were preparing food, went to microwave the seaweed chicken and sotong balls. While we left those seaweed chicken to heat up, I went to the table to start eating. 

Suddenly my boyfriend ran over to the table with something in his hand.

BF: "BB!!! The seaweed chicken shrunk!"
*throws whatever he was holding in his hand on my plate*
(not to mention he held it as though it was very hot-.-)
ME: "OMG!" 
*takes 2 sec to realise it wasn't a seaweed chicken*

He threw a seaweed cracker on my plate.

Then again.. It DOES have some kind of resemblance! 

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