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February 27, 2013

I apologise for a super backdated post. In fact, the next few upcoming backdated posts. Been having a few rough week at school with submissions and presentations and all. 

Just a collection of dinner dates I had with boyfriend! 

Strictly pancakes @ Upper East Coast Road (Near U.d.d.e.r)

A couple of weeks back, boyfriend and I finally got down to trying strictly pancakes, could only convince him because he wasn't that hungry. Everybody's been raving about strictly pancakes and all, but really, I think it could have gone better. Overall I think it's pretty pricey for the customise-your-own-pancake.

Firstly, boyfriend and I ordered the triple pancakes with bacon and sauté mushroom, alongside salted butter and garlic butter. It was a simple dish, and honestly, something anyone could make at home if you really bothered to make. Though really, thumbs up for how soft and fluffy the pancake was.

And if you order what I ordered, don't make a mistake by ordering the salted butter. Honestly, I don't really fancy garlic because of it's taste. But I really like garlic bread because overall it tastes good, and for this instance, take the garlic butter. It adds on fragrance to the pancake and the bacon and the sauté mushroom. Salted goodness altogether.

Then again, I highly suspect that people normally go to strictly pancakes for their dessert pancakes.

I would give them a second chance and try their dessert pancakes the next time around, but probably it'd be on a trip with girls.

Pepperoni Pizzeria @ Zion Road

Casual pizza dinner with boyfriend at pepperoni.

We ordered a large pizza which was meant for 2-3 people, I ate 2 or 3 slices and boyfriend cleared the rest (I'm a small eater, if you can't already tell). Half pizza of goodness that we LOVE, Funghi additional anchovies, because we didn't like the anchovies choice pizza which had black olives and capers. Other half was my favourite parma ham with rocket salad.

I'm an absolute lover of parma ham, so I'd try parma ham wherever I go. I'd love to go Italy one day and have all the parma ham with rock melon. I've had some pretty awful parma ham dishes here before, I vaguely remember it at an italian restaurant with a rock melon that wasn't sweet.

All in all, pizza parties deserve to be held at pepperoni pizzeria, especially the Zion outlet because it's so cosy and zen (quiet party I suppose).

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