Bioré UV Bright Face Milk

August 18, 2013

A mandatory shot of myself, in fact, 4 of myself before beginning today's post. I know I haven't done a make-up/skincare review in a long time, because I've been busy saving up money to buy these expensive products. It'd be glad if I can be sponsored to do reviews.. SIGH. Anyhow, before I left for my graduation trip, I splurged on buying myself a sunblock lotion, Anthelios XL by LA ROCHE-POSAY (bought from watsons, dermatologist brand), which I actually put off reviewing because, I stopped using it after I returned from my holidays.

Back to my main topic, with recommendations from best, Kaiting, I bought myself the Bioré UV Bright Face Milk SPF 50+, got enough of a sunblock lotion that I felt didn't really suit my face. 

What I like about this product?
Asides from the fact that it's so easily accessible, it is also cheap and good. Drug store items are often worth it from the sales.

How's the texture like? 
It's like a milky texture when poured out from the bottle, and when applied on your face, it would feel powdery after awhile, the dry touch effect. Also, the best thing about it, it's slightly tinted. Now you can walk out of your house almost bare-faced! Which also means it's mainly meant for people who are more fair. 

Pictures to further illustrate the texture! 

Price wise?
CHEAP. Or I should say, worth the money. If I remembered correctly, it's $15 SGD, 30ml bottle. It's a small bottle, but if it doesn't suit your skin, I guess it's not a huge lost. It's definitely worth the try.

On a side note, all make-up/skincare products are variable. They might work on mine, but not on your, also, they might work fine when you test them out on your hands, but they might cause outbreaks when slathered over your face, ultimately, you have to test out the products on your own skin to know whether it's good for you! Test them out, and continue suing them for awhile, if your outbreaks doesn't disappear after awhile (couple of weeks or a month), stop using the product, it's not good for your skin.

In all honesty, I'm not paid to do a review on this product, just raving about it because it's so good, and I can finally leave the house in a rush without applying foundation or anything else for that matter (except of course the usual morning skincare routine).

Keep reading to find out more about other beauty products!

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