Freedom VS Growing Up

October 29, 2013

Been a long time since I've last written anything on my blog. Was spending the last of my freedom and non-working days with the boyfriend, as much as I could. After starting work, my freedom's lost, I don't get to spend the time I want with the boyfriend, and my off days fall on his working days.

As much I love my job, I still feel upset over the fact I don't get to spend time with him over the weekends. I don't get to see his cute dog.. I don't get to eat home-cooked food by his mum.. I just get stuck at my workplace, facing the horror of the weekend crowd.

Days I could go out and meet my friends whenever I liked.. 

 Days that I spend every waking hour with the boyfriend

However, missing the freedom doesn't earn me money, it doesn't feed me. All those times I had to depend on someone else, and growing up means living for yourself, earning your own money, feeding yourself. Looking on the bright side, I got a job that I was looking for, in the arts industry, something that I love, and I guess I have to say passion is what keeps me going. 

Hopefully soon, I can get the weekends off, I do need a holiday too. 

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