2-3 years catch up

November 07, 2013

Just some personal updates about life because this poor blog is dying due to my eventless life. The few great things about working day shift, is getting to meet my good friends. Yesterday was special because I finally met up with my favourite basketball girls (basketball, unbelievable right?..), and we haven't met up in about 2-3 years. Don't even exactly remember how long we haven't met. 

Meeting up with them just brings back all the fond growing up memories, as well as insanely embarrassing memories (short hair, big shirts.. you get my drift). When you though growing up changes a lot of things, I realised, nothing much really changes. Asides from the fact that most of us are now working (maybe just me..), and studying in universities, everything else stays the same, the way we talk, the way we play with each other and tease one another. 

I just can't express how amazed I am that things hasn't changed for the past couple of years. We can still jump into deep topics, laugh at each other's stupidity and take so many pictures! 

Trying to get 4 people into a instax photo, NOT EASY.

Talks over dinner at Manbok Korean BBQ at Neil Road, which was totally amazing. It IS authentic Korean food in Singapore for a pretty affordable price I could say. Love the tender beef, the kimchi and in fact EVERYTHING about that place. The staffs were really friendly, cooked our food for us, tolerated the amount of noise we were making, and kept asking us if everything was good.


No photos at the place because after work beauty, is no beauty at all. Also, the food came in slowly, so I couldn't take food pictures anyway. And I actually gobbled down my food the minute it came, been doing that too often food pictures have just been omitted in the regime.

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